Many years ago, Jeff Hanan started a website for NMDRC, but had moved away and had not kept up his site. As software had gotten better and easier for a novice to make professional looking websites; Keith Clark decided to produce a website for use by the riders and fans of New Mexico Desert Riding. He intended this to be a place for everyone to set up riding times with others, trash talk about races, complain about the brutality of a track after a race, and tell heroic stories of how good we rode when we were out and nobody could see us. This would later be coined as the infamous "Benchracing" term. Keith kept the door open and welcomed any and all suggestions as he took constructive criticism very well. He always said, "Bad mouth me all you want, just say it with respect".




As Keith had always been the idolic NMDRC spokesperson, it was a privledge for Matt Jonasson to have been granted the opportunity to take over the NMDRC site in 2012. The site was completely re-constructed with a heavy emphasis on promoting and maintaining the off road racing series. Quickly was the goto avenue for everything related to the off road racing series. The site maintained this design for 3 consecutive racing seasons.




As the 2015 off road racing series moved to Gas It Offroad Racing; it left the NMDRC site with a few options as to the future of the site. The site is now reverting back to its roots as a place intended for everyone to be able to set up rides, communicate with others about statewide events, bench race, and provide information on all aspects of the dirt bike community in New Mexico. As we move forward we hope to maintain the community of riders and allow a place for the sport to sustain and thrive in New Mexico.



"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting...HOLY S**T WHAT A RIDE!"